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Certified Predictions – MPX “Our House, Our Rules”

With “The Hateful Eight” Match ending the way it did, a lot of fans refused to believe things turned out this way. But unfortunately it’s true, Loverboy Larry is the current MPX Heavyweight Champion, and his buddies in “Minajatwa” have grown with the addition of “The Punk Rock Princess” Lizzie Thorne.

This week, though, Head of Creative Jamie Oller has pulled out all the stops and even swallowed some of his pride by stacking the odds against The Champ and his friends. First by putting Lizzie up against her own friend Baby D, then sending his greatest creation “The Impact Players” against Tatum and CJ, and finally by lining up a number one contenders match made up of four men with a bone to pick with Larry.

Between that and what promises to be an amazing exhibition between “Dirty” Andy Dalton and “The Star of The Show” Jaxon Stone, “Our House, Our Rules” looks like it’s going to be a heck of a show.