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DFW All-Pro Women “Set It Off”

Image Property of DFW All-Pro Wrestling Academy

By: Liliana Williams

What’s up Wrestling Fans? The one and only #MissCertified Liliana here, and last night we attended DFW All-Pro Women’s “Set It Off.”

Unfortunately we didn’t stay for the dark matches and hope that everyone enjoyed CJ Ward vs Isaiah James, but we definitely did catch the main show and I’m gonna tell you all about it.

The night started out with Nastico seeming to forget that he’s only General Manager on one of the shows, coming out when the announcer meant to introduce the True GM of DFW/APW, Angel Blue. I don’t know what he told her after she went off on him, but apparently they’re good friends now.

Come on Angel, you have better taste than that.

Match 1: Reiza Clarke vs. Livi Loca vs. Rockelle Vaughn

This was a great match between three women of exceptional talent. It looked like someone missed a step somewhere, and it made the match feel a bit off during the middle, but the trading of finishers and near-falls ending with Reiza landing her pump-handle slam made the excitement pick back up. The Dot Mob is back on the rise in DFW!

Winner: Reiza Clarke

Match 2: Phoebe vs. Nova Phoenix vs. Dinamita

Fun, Explosive, and even a bit savage, this was a match that had a lot to offer. Dinamita has gotten better and better every time we’ve seen her and the future looks Dynamite! Nova Phoenix is a powerhouse that I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of, ever.

Phoebe, of course, is always Fun to watch, and I’m a little sad she didn’t get her dance-off at the start of the match. These shows run long anyway, why not take some time for a fun bit?

The match was good, if a bit confusing sometimes as to who was beaten down and who was fired up, since sometimes someone would just pop up like they hadn’t even been hit. But in the end Nova’s power won out and she picked up the win.

Winner: Nova Phoenix

Match 3: Angelique Poppaea Winter vs. Insidious One vs. KC Warfield

At the beginning of the night The General Manager Angel Blue made it clear who she was supporting in this tournament, and KC Warfield had the confident swagger that came with it. While the fans were obviously more interested in seeing the Queen of The Light and The Insidious Follower of The Unholy square off. KC took advantage of a quick finisher from Angelique and stole the pin over The Insidious One to advance.

Winner: KC Warfield

Match 4: Alejandra The Lion vs. Flex Rated

The first time I’ve gotten to see Flex Rated compete, and I want to see more. For being so soon out of graduation she’s really confident in the ring and held her own pretty well against one of the top women at All-Pro.

Alejandra was as amazing as ever, and even though they’re friends she held nothing back against Flex, showing a warrior’s respect.

Flex may not have picked up the win, but she earned the applause.

Winner: Alejandra The Lion

Match 5: DFW All-Pro Women’s Championship

Killa Kate(c) vs. Baby D

This match was Match of The Night if you ask me (and even if you don’t, live with it). Killa Kate came out with the back up of Zarek and Onix Camacho, and even with that Baby D tossed her around like a sack of potatoes. It looked a lot like she was going to get an easy win, but Nastico had to go and stick his dirty mask where it doesn’t belong and attack Baby D right in front of the ref (who didn’t even notice it happening in front of him).

Baby D put up a good fight, but blatant cheating is hard to beat, and in the end Kate was able to get her choke hold in for the win.

Winner: Killa Kate

Main Event: #1 Contendership Match

Reiza Clarke vs. Nova Phoenix vs. KC Warfield

This was a great matchup that makes me excited for next month, as the three winners from earlier in the night went toe-to-toe-to-toe to decide the new #1 Contender. KC actually stayed involved in this match from beginning to end, and she and Reiza even teamed up to take out their biggest threat in Nova Phoenix. That alliance didn’t last as they beat each other around the ring and showed why they deserved to be there. In the end The Despicable One outsmarted and outfought her opponents, even fending off a masked goon, to pick up the win, and will go on to face Killa Kate in a cage match July 26th. Can’t wait to see that!!!

Like I said, we couldn’t stick around for the dark show as we do have 9-to-5’s, but we had fun where we were and hope everyone else had a great time too!

Keep it Kayfabe Wrestling Fans! Miss Certified, signing out.