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11-15-19 New Texas Pro Wrestling Presents: The Perfect Storm

By: #MissCertified Liliana Williams

We were unable to be there in person, but a wonderful person named Kiefer Bartek was able to help me in getting this review.

Match 1: Connor Murphy vs. Corvice

It looks like this is a long standing rivalry and there was a lot of back and forth, but unfortunately Connor was able to pull one over on Corvice for the win. 

The guest GM for the evening put the stipulation on Corvice that since he wants to referee so badly that he’s going to referee every single match the rest of the night. And he has to ref completely fairly. 

Winner: Connor Murphy

My Grade for the match: B-

Match 2: Andre Law vs. Kiefer Bartek

It’s always good to see Kiefer wrestle. Mr. Law put up a hell of a fight, but Kiefer had just a little more fight. 

Winner: Kiefer Bartek

My Grade for the match: B

Match 3: GPA vs. Terrale Tempo

GPA put a challenge on himself before the match to win within 5 minutes. Terrale took advantage of the stipulation and made GPA time himself out. I mean, I know you are a super competitive guy, GPA, but that’s one of those times where you’ll let yourself down. 

Winner: Draw (time out)

My Grade for the match: A

Match 4: Max Heights vs. Joe Demaro

This match has been hyped up for a while now. And it did not disappoint. This would have been match of the night, if not for the next match.

Winner: Max Heights

My Grade for the match: B-

Match 5: Ian Rayn vs. Brian Cage

This is one of the biggest matches of Ian’s career so far, and he was able to take Cage to his limit. Unfortunately you have to break a machine before you can defeat it, and Ian fell slightly short. I will say Ian’s falling slam was beautiful though. 

Winner: Brian Cage

My Grade for the match: A+

Match 6: Phoebe and Hyan vs. Sea Stars

I was hoping the Sea Stars would take this one, but unfortunately it looks like the ragtag team of Phoebe and Hyan worked a lot better than I had hoped. 

Winner: Phoebe & Hyan

My Grade for the match: B+

Main Event: NTPW Championship

Mysterious Q(c) vs. Great Scott

This was another match that was super hyped on all fronts. The champion Mysterious Q defending the NTPW Championship belt against Great Scott. It was going well… until there was some outside interference by Andre Law from Great Scott’s stable “BE” which caused his DQ win over the champ.

Winner: Great Scott (DQ)

My Grade for the match: B