Reviews of Shows Attended

11-15-19 New Texas Pro Wrestling Presents: The Perfect Storm

By: #MissCertified Liliana Williams We were unable to be there in person, but a wonderful person named Kiefer Bartek was able to help me in getting this review. Match 1: Connor Murphy vs. Corvice It looks like this is a long standing rivalry and there was a lot of back and forth, but unfortunately Connor […]

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DFW All-Pro Women “Set It Off”

By: Liliana Williams What’s up Wrestling Fans? The one and only #MissCertified Liliana here, and last night we attended DFW All-Pro Women’s “Set It Off.” Unfortunately we didn’t stay for the dark matches and hope that everyone enjoyed CJ Ward vs Isaiah James, but we definitely did catch the main show and I’m gonna tell […]

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